Month: December 2017

Cuz I’m a Laaady

Feminism. How has it affected our relationships with men? It’s 2018 and this subject can escalate quickly! But nonetheless I naturally have an opinion on it. Now listen as a woman I’m already going to be naturally bias toward the female species. But ladies ladies ladies what are we doing here?

A Resolution

Ahhh yes…’s that time of year again. Talks of what we think in our minds we should be doing to better our lives for the next year of “growth”. Verbal affirmation is beautiful, well, when it’s also in your heart and not just in your mind. How many times have we said to ourselves we would do something that was in our mind, but not truly in our heart, for the idea to become fleeting and disappear all together? Too many to count right!! Well as for me, this is what’s in my HEART to do for my next year of growth!