A Resolution

Ahhh yes…..it’s that time of year again. Talks of what we think in our minds we should be doing to better our lives for the next year of “growth”. Verbal affirmation is beautiful, well, when it’s also in your heart and not just in your mind. How many times have we said to ourselves we would do something that was in our mind, but not truly in our heart, for the idea to become fleeting and disappear all together? Too many to count right!! Well as for me, this is what’s in my HEART to do for my next year of growth!

2017 was a great year of change and transition and most importantly the realization of my strength and power and true qualities of goodness. It was also a realization of how strongly the darkness set out to overtake me. In recognizing these truths, going forward it’s all about CONFRONT CONFRONT CONFRONT. Not confront like telling your high school frienemy that you’re finally gonna kick their a**. No, I’m confronting the issues of negativity that have been blocking powerful positive energy from entering me, filling me up, and then in turn filling someone else. Breaking the cycle of darkness!

No longer will I not speak up for what is righteous, but not so traditional. No longer will I allow another beings darkness of INSECURITY to affect my strength and growth. Yes 2018 will be a year of CONFRONT! There will be a purge of any person, habit, form of entertainment, or speech that could potentially drain my spirit and energy. No longer will I allow falsely indoctrinated people to shame me into fear of living in TRUTH!

Yeeeesss confront the things that have been holding you back! Less t.v. Less internet. More reading and real life experiences with real people. More knowledge of our Grand Creator. Less alcohol and more meditation. I’m clearing my chakras and allowing Jah’s holy spirit to work within me!

No longer will I dance around a negative energy in my life and pretend it’s not there for the sake of saving face or to appease my fleshly desire. No longer will I forget that I am in control of life! Yesssss my light is bright and strong and I need to go back to pushing it forward into the world FEARLESSLY and UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

I WILL DO THIS PUBLICALLY! Making the covert sith lords completely uncomfortable. My LIGHT will CONFRONT you! And you will be too afraid to confront me, congratulate me, or join me, because you don’t have your “resolution” of growth in your HEART. Lol yea I said it! But if you do have it in your heart, take the journey. CONFRONT YOURSELF first and make the change.

A Resolution





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