Month: January 2018

Music Crush Monday! Camila Cabello

“Havana Oo Na Na…” Do you like that song? Me too! This hit single ‘Havana’ from Camila Cabello made me want to check out her new album that was just released this month. Welcome to this weeks addition of Music Crush Monday where I give you my review on the latest in music for your listening pleasure!

Hot pants, Tight pants, Skinny jeans!

Fashion over the years has been good, bad, and just plain old ugly over the years! I’ve had the wonderful privilege of experiencing all of the above in my wardrobe! LOL But I continuously get into debates with my husband about the fashion of today! Here’s the argument.


Welcome to my first addition of Music Crush Monday! Every Monday I will review an album of different genres of music for your listening pleasure! I will give a brief description of the artist and the album along with my opinion on the music. I will also rate the album on a scale of 1-10. So without further ado, the first album review is WAR & LEISURE by MIGUEL.

Fitness and The Bae

I want to tell you guys about the awesome benefits of working out with your bae! It’s beyond rewarding. It comes naturally because you’re getting PHYSICAL with your partner!

How are you Really doing?

I really want to know how you’re doing mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically… YOU even know? It’s so difficult to look in that mirror and be honest with ourselves about who and how we really are. Are we really good? Have we even taken the precious time to address this question with ourselves? Do we even put our own well being at a level of importance?