Fitness and The Bae


Here we are at the top of the year and of course everyone is getting into their fitness goals. First thing I want to say to you guys is don’t give up! Stick to your goal no matter how hard it is or how tired you become! With that said, I want to tell you guys about the awesome benefits of working out with your bae! It’s beyond rewarding. It comes naturally because you’re getting PHYSICAL with your partner. But to be honest, what I love most is the motivation you get from your partner to achieve your fitness goals. Naturally you want to impress your love, so to get that motivation from them to become even more attractive to them is double the reward!


For me personally, staying motivated to be consistent is the hardest part. I’ll get busy and put working out last on my list and we all know what happens to the items at the bottom of our lists. So, by working out with my husband it helps to keep us both motivated to stay consistent. There is also something chemical that happens when you work out with your spouse that makes you more attracted to them! I don’t know the science behind what that’s all about, but there’s something so sexy about seeing my husband flexing and sweating oohh weee! Oh you know what I’m talking about! But why don’t couples workout together more often?

My thought is that we tend to not want to work for the result we want. Most people would rather take a pill or get on a temporary diet, but those never bring lasting results. I also believe, especially for us women, that insecurity about our physical appearance keeps us from joining our spouses on that beneficial workout session. It’s funny because this person certainly has seen us in our most vulnerable moments. To combat these two things and get our there and get sexy and fit for our spouses, here’s a few tips:

  1. JUST DO IT! I know it sucks! I used to hate working out so much. I just wanted to Netflix and chill all the time. But my husband loves fitness and I wanted to show interest in something that he loves, so I DID IT!
  2. Find an environment that you’ll feel comfortable exercising in. If you’re most comfortable at home, there are so many easily accessible means of media that can be used at home. Apps, DVD’s, Instagram fitness personalities, and YouTube videos are just a few. Two of my favorite IG fitness motivators is @kathy_drayton and her husband @lutherfreeman. They are super motivating for couples! As for me, I think of my home as a place of relaxation, so that was the worst place for me to try and workout! Shoot every time I would turn around and see my couch I was ready to quit! The gym is full of people that are trying to motivate themselves to be physically fit, so I love that environment for fitness motivation. I recommend Plant Fitness! This gym makes you feel like, ok I belong here! Their motto is it’s a “Judgment free zone”. I love that!
  3. Remember your end result! A diet or pill may give you temporary results, but a fitness regimen creates a LIFESTYLE of good health. And even more importantly to us personally, we’ll look and feel our best! pexels-photo-40525.jpeg
  4. Think about the fact that you’ll be drawing closer to your significant other. What better way to get to know your spouse in a deeper way than to tap into their physical psyche? Discover how your spouse feels about themselves physically which in turn can lead to a deeper discovery about them in other ways. It has significantly benefitted my husband and I. By the way, my husband has written a blog post about his take on couples fitness too, check him out at

I always think it’s beneficial to get a man’s perspective on things and I love how he explains from his point of view how he’s enjoyed working out with me and how other men can find this same joy with their wives.

So, as you can see there are waaaay more pros than cons to this fitness thing right! Especially when you’re taking the journey with the one you love most. And more importantly as you take this journey it sets off a domino effect of positive actions that will benefit you both physically and otherwise. Don’t give up! I will be doing more posts about my fitness journey on my Instagram page @avianaetc but if you have any specific questions, please feel free to comment below or email me directly! Happy Fitness Goals!



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5 thoughts on “Fitness and The Bae

  1. I’m on the opposite end, my husband likes to chill and relax and I love to workout. And ever since I got married I’m not as consistent with my workouts. And even when we do go to the gym together, we workout apart. I’ve encouraged working out together because it is motivating, but since I’ve been doing it for years I have a different regime then him while his trying to get back into it. However, agree couple should workout together and motive one another to reach fitness goals!


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