Hot pants, Tight pants, Skinny jeans!

Fashion over the years has been good, bad, and just plain old ugly over the years! I’ve had the wonderful privilege of experiencing all of the above in my wardrobe! LOL But I continuously get into debates with my husband about the fashion of today! I’m 30, so I’m right in the middle of not being young but not being old either, so I would say I pretty much like a proper amount of the fashion trends that get pumped out.

Here’s the argument. My husband thinks that men’s clothing has gotten too small and too tight. I think it’s at a point where it’s JUST RIGHT. I’m a woman, so esthetically I want to see a man in clothing that shows off his physical attributes. Now, let me be clear, I DO NOT think men should wear skinny jeans that are so tight you can see his *clears throat* print. No, that’s just weird to me.

No, I mean ‘form fitting’ pants and shirts. THAT looks nicer on a man to me than baggy clothing that doesn’t actually fit the mans frame! Also suits that are tailored look nice to me as well.


And no I don’t mind the dress shoes without socks trend either! No, I wouldn’t want to smell his feet once he takes those puppies off, but it looks nice nonetheless! Hey I grew up in the early 2000’s and I hated the baggy clothes trend. It was terrible! It made men look 2 sizes bigger than they actually were and made women look too masculine. And don’t even get me started on ‘sagging’. I wish sagging would just die a death so horrible there would be no chance of resurrection!

Let’s talk the ladies fashion of today and yesterday. I love that the curvy woman is trending in fashion right now (even though I’m skinny as a rail). There’s something for everyone. Even in the petite woman’s fashion. From crop tops to skinny jeans to pencil skirts! Yeeesss work it honey! Because of social media we’ve been able to share our individual fashion sense with each other and make each look our own.

However, the curvy girl trend does have it’s pros and cons!

Pros: It highlights that all woman aren’t skinny supermodels and that curves are feminine and sexy. It’s really empowering to see curvy women get the media’s attention. And I’m talking curvy women of all races! It actually has smaller women like myself caring less about eating too much and just enjoying being a woman.

Cons: Unfortunately because a curvy girl is the ‘it Girl’ it is making these young women go to some drastic measures to “get the look”! I’ve seen very kind of plastic surgery like Brazilian Butt Lifts, Butt Implants, lipo suction for fat that isn’t even there along with waist training and over eating. It’s just out of control! Some women are even willing to make themselves “fat” so that they can have surgery to look like their favorite curvy celeb. Yikes!

My next argument is that people like my husband tend to forget that form-fitting clothing especially on men was a normal way to dress in the 70’s, 60’s and 50’s. Wearing larger clothing suggested that you were wearing hand-me-downs and couldn’t afford clothes that fit properly. I think the fashion trends of the mid 2000’s are doing a pretty decent job, especially since a lot of the fashion is homage to the best parts of fashion from yesteryear. Some examples are bell-bottoms, skinny pants, and crop tops from the 70’s, 80’, and 90’s. This even goes for shoes, sneakers and accessories such as the choker from the 90’s. Those are all wins in my book!


No matter your choice in fashion, remember to wear what makes YOU happy. Care less about what’s trending and who’s the next “it girl or guy”. Wear clothing that expresses who you are truly! And you’ll find that you’ll attract the attention you seek! Make sure that you remember that your choice in clothing also gives people an immediate glimpse of your character. Your dress and grooming is a part of the energy your carry around with you and it affects others around you. Be yourself. LOVE yourself! With today’s fashion it’s a little easier. If you find yourself dressing for superficial reasons and/or are getting the wrong attention, it may be time to check how you’re really doing? Check the energy that you are putting out into the world.

Now, even after this post is published I’m sure my husband will still feel the same! But what do you guys think? What’s your opinion of today’s fashion? What era do you love most? And what are your fashion go-to’s? Comment below and let me know!




9 thoughts on “Hot pants, Tight pants, Skinny jeans!

  1. I have mixed options to do with fashion, I feel that I don’t follow ‘today’s fashion’ as it changes too much and I don’t do prints 😂and a lot of colours expect blues, blacks and greys.
    I do sometimes like when different styles come into play such as the 70/80’s with the big jeans and chokers (is that from the 80’s?)
    I think I am on the fence with fashion most of the time.
    Great post by the way, totally got me thinking of what I wear as I do tend to forget, haha.


  2. I get into a few trends here and there, but even the ones I like, I tend to stay on the edge of the trend. People today change what’s considered “in” as quickly as they breathe. Therefore, I just wear what I like, support the trends that I like to a degree, and try not to focus to much on the rest. I’m with you on the baggy clothes thing for men..”hated it”and still do. Love to see a man in a tailored suit or slack looking well put together


  3. So let me say this. I love a man with formfitting clothes. However, when I gets to the point where men are wearing these tight clothes yet still saggin’… Oh no boo!

    Now to me there is a difference between formfitting and tight. Getting measurements taken is the best way a man can find out exactly what type of tailoring he needs. I find that very sexy. Whether it’s a suit or hip-hop gear, as long as you’re not sagging I think it’s dope.


    • Omg girl! Yes I know exactly what you’re talking about! Lol i cannot stand sagging and then the pants are right too!! Big turn off!! I agree with you! Thanks for checking in!!


  4. Hey avi! I love this blog. I agree with the women’s fashion. Curvy women can enjoy their clothes without being embarrassed of their curves. I find myself wanting to gain weight so I can actually fill out a dress or tight body suit. Unfortunately though avi I agree with your hubby. Some of the men’s clothing is too tight!! Like are you Steve Urkel or something? Lol. I don’t like the baggy look either. But men should have lose fitting clothes. Keep this up girl! I will be a faithful reader!! 😘


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