Music Crush Monday: Sabrina Claudio

Welcome back to this weeks addition of Music Crush Monday where I give you my take on today’s music! Lets Jump right in, this weeks review is on: ‘About Time’ By Sabrina Claudio


Sabrina Claudio is an American singer and songwriter. You may not have heard of her, but she is quite talented to be so young and new in the industry. It seems ‘About Time’ is her debut album (released October 2017), but she has other work in a previous EP ‘Confidently Lost’. Her music has been placed in the category ‘Alternative R&B’ but on the street we call it ‘Vibing Music’. Yes, when you listen to this beautiful voice, you’ll want to chill out with a cup of your favorite warm beverage, maybe a book, or even your bae. There are other things you can do to vibe out to this chill album as well, but I’ll leave that to the readers’ discretion. *wink wink*

With that said, there are some intelligently crafted parts of this album, but honestly in my opinion it can be a tad bit one-dimensional. The sound can get redundant throughout the album, HOWEVER I personally loved it. I do believe her music is strictly for a niche audience considering it’s not exactly a conventional pop or R&B sound. She gives a Sade´ mixed with Alina Baraz sound. She gives me chills at times whilst listening to her music. The pace of the production is a slow one. So, this is an album that you definitely have to be in the mood for. My favorite tracks are ‘Unravel Me’ and ‘Frozen’, both have been added to my ‘Vibin Playlist’ on Spotify. Click the link to check out that playlist by the way. All in all I think it was well done. I look forward to more from Claudio.

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I give ‘About Time’ by Sabrina Claudio a 7 out of 10!

If you have an album or artist you would like me to check out, leave a comment below or send me an email! Please, comment, share, and like! See you next week!



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