Music Crush Monday! Justin Timberlake

Welcome back to this week’s edition of Music Crush Monday! The spot where I give my take on todays music for your listening pleasure! This week we’re listening to: ‘Man of the Woods’ by Justin Timberlake!


You all know who he is; you know the former boy band member, actor, writer, producer, singer, the guy who just performed at the Superbowl etc. You don’t even need to go to his Wikipedia to know who Justin Timberlake is! His discography and cinematography speaks for itself, so let’s just get into this new album shall we. OK so listen, if you’re a fan of his last two albums ‘FutureSex/Lovesounds’ and ’The 20/20 Experience’ or even his days with ‘Nsync, this album might throw you off a smidge. One thing artists’ dislike most is when the fans don’t evolve with their art and growth in their craft. And to me Timberlake’s latest is a reflection of his growth as an artist. I haven’t evolved. The sound is quite different but you can really feel the passion in these tracks. When they speak to me, they say, “we are the music that Justin had to express to the fans, we came from his soul”.

With that said though, the music itself didn’t really get into MY soul and bone marrow like the last two albums did. I hate to say this so much because I honestly think that ‘Man of the Woods’ is a compilation of quality music! Which, these days can be a bit hard to come by, at least commercially. I think I might need a few months to listen to this good music. I need to let it live in my speakers for a while and let it grow on me some more, because I truly want to LOVE this album, not just like it. As for the sound, it’s alternative pop with a splash of R&B. Like a Maroon 5 type of feel. The lyrics go from “yea girl put yo’ filthy hands on me” to “young man take care of women and take care of yourself if you want to make God smile”! This album is most definitely multi-dimensional! It went all around the world of emotion in just an hour. Brilliant! BUT it just didn’t do it for ME. I WANT it to “do it” to me though, so I will give it a lot more listening time and a fairer chance, because I mean come on, it’s Justin.

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I give ‘Man of the Woods’ by Justin Timberlake 6 out of 10 (for now)! Let me know what you think! If you have an album or artist you would like me to check out, let me know! Comment, like, share!



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