Music Crush Monday: Eric Bellinger

Ahhh yes love is in the air everywhere! So I’ve got a DOUBLE Album review for you love birds out there! These two albums are a little older by a couple of years, BUT if you haven’t heard them, it’s the perfect music to get you in the mood. This week’s review is on: Eric Bellinger’s ‘Eric B for President Term 1 & Term 2’.

Eric Bellinger has been around for a LONG time as a songwriter and music producer behind the scenes, writing and producing for big names such as Usher, Chris Brown, and Justin Bieber. I am so glad that he’s been promoting HIS music and HIS sound lately. I have truly fallen in love with his music. For me, it gets down into my bone marrow! I think it’s a combination of his talented voice and ingenious production skills. So let’s talk about these two albums! **WARNING these albums contain explicit language**


Eric B for President Term 1 & 2 were released in 2016 and 2017 and they still get regular rotation in my playlists. It’s the ultimate collection of urban love and party/ride with the music blasting tunes. The sound is definitely R&B/Hip-Hop and makes you want to get your grind on! Production quality is top notch and the lyrics really make you get involved in the wave of each note that goes into your ears and slides down each bone in your spine. It’s really like that! So, on Term 1 my favorites for this love season are ‘Remind Her’, ‘One of Them’, and the ever popular G.O.A.T., which by the way has been revived in 2018 as G.O.A.T 2.0 featuring the awesome Wale. On Term 2 my favorites for the love season is THE WHOLE ALBUM!! I’m just being honest, you can play this album from beginning to end with your bae’ and get into a real vibe together! Trust me on this one guys. Check these two albums out and comment below, you will not be disappointed! Enjoy your love. Love is a beautiful thing and truly is what makes the world go ‘round.

I give Eric Bellinger’s ‘Eric B for President Term 1 & 2’ 10 out of 10!

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