I’m writing this blog post to give you guys a few words of encouragement.

The reason I needed to do some reflecting and regrouping is because my personality is quite wily I times. I would say that I’m very much a free spirit, which can lead to me being very scatterbrained and out of control! Can you relate to that? I often find myself saying “lady what are you doing? What direction are we going in?” And when I find myself doing this, that’s when I know that I have to get myself back on track. Success requires DISCIPLINE, and when you’re a free spirited scatterbrain like myself, life can quickly get out of control when discipline is not in place. So, I implore you to do the same for yourself. Take some time out to breath, reflect, regroup, and reorganize, so that success becomes an absolute realization. That may mean that you take some time away from recreation, social media, or social interaction period! Taking the time to meditate on the important things in your life will lead to you reaching your goals, but you must first confront yourself and actually acknowledge that you need this, that you actually need to pull yourself away from your regular routine and interrupt the monotony and complacency. Complacency will only get you what you used to get. If you want to ascend and grow upward, you must break the cycle and implement new information, into your mind and routine, which will be conducive to your goals. Spirituality waning? Implement more prayer and meditating on spiritual education. Relationship problems? Implement a new loving thing to improve it. Career stagnant? Implement a strategy to improve your statistics. In order to recognize that these very important areas need attention, YOU HAVE TO STOP AND REFLECT! The only other way is when it slaps you in the face with a catastrophe! Don’t let your life get to that point. You are beautiful and deserve to have peace. So put yourself at a high level of importance and do more regular R&R.



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