International Women’s Day Celebration of the WIFE!

Since apparently it’s International Women’s Day today I thought I’d do an ode to the ‘WIFE’. The multi-tasking, homie, lover, friend, the underrated WIFE!

As women, a lot is expected of us isn’t it? As mom, we have to be balanced loving parents. As daughters we have to be responsible. And as employees/business owners, we have to be successful. But I honestly feel that our most demanding “job” is Wifing. Yea it’s a word I made up to describe the full spectrum of being a WIFE!

We have to do it all don’t we ladies? We have to be sexy and be a good lover to our husbands.


We have to be business savvy to assist in keeping the home financially stable

We have to be good homemakers!

We have to be a good listener AKA his friend/homie.

And these days we also have to know how to do some heavy duty work too!

Listen this isn’t a complaint! It’s more of a realization of the ability and power that we truly hold as women! We are some bad mother SHUT YO MOUTH human beings! I’m here to tell you and don’t you ever forget it! Because the moment you forget, you’ll start to get down on yourself. And we certainly know what the ‘dark side’ loves to do with people that get down and depressed. Well sis don’t let that be you! And for my fellas that are checking this out, show a little extra appreciation to your lady today. She’s putting in a lot of work to keep you and the family afloat.



6 thoughts on “International Women’s Day Celebration of the WIFE!

  1. Women are the creators of the universe, given the unique ability to grow, care for, and nurture life. A “womb man” can multiply cosmic energy and make fruitful ideas and thoughts of a man. If you give a woman a seed she gives you a plant, a bag of groceries she gives you a meal, a sperm turns into child. Why we don’t respect and protect this ultimate treasure as men in today’s society is foolish and immature. Women created the world and were smart enough to realize no one needed to rule it. It’s mens ignorance and pride that causes us to ruin what we’re given instead of taking care of it. We would get alot further if we learn to treat are mothers, sisters, wives and daughters as Co creators in the Cosmic play. We’re all guilty myself included.

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