Music Crush Monday: Ar’mon and Trey

This week’s MCM is going to be a little different! I won’t be reviewing an album, but I am reviewing a new artist(s) that have been taking the YouTube music world by storm! This weeks review is on the super talented Ar’mon and Trey!



I grew up in the 90’s, so I got a closeup and personal experience with great music especially the genre of R&B. R&B could be found flowing through your radio waves with smooth talented voices like Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and in the early 2000’s you could hear voices and bands like Usher, and B2k. It was a great time for music. These days, you’re lucky to catch a TRUE R&B song on your radio at all. True, with new age Hip-Hop, a lot of lyricists are crooning out the tunes, but lets be honest, their voices can’t hold a candle to the late greats! Chris Brown and Trey Songz can’t hold it down by themselves and R Kelly isn’t getting any younger, so who’s next up?

Without further ado I want to introduce my followers to these VERY talented young men! In my humble opinion, I truly believe that these guys are the future of R&B and are exactly what music has been missing and is in desperate need of!! They have smooth, strong, and mature voices that have absolutely no need for auto-tune, unlike their musical counterparts. Ar’mon’s falsetto is BEYOND beautiful and unmatched (sorry Weeknd and Miguel). And Trey’s harmonies remind of those Boys 2 Men days. Ahhh yes those were the days!


These guys got their start and popularity singing 6 second covers on the vine app, eventually moving over into Instagram and YouTube. Their YouTube channel (which I’ll provide a link below) is filled with amazingly well produced mashups and covers, as well as some of their own original content. I can’t lie being in my 30’s, I had no access to their music, considering I’m not their core audience. My 12 year old fangirl daughter insisted that I check them out and boy was I glad I did! They have 2 new singles of their original music called ‘Drown’ and ‘Break Down’.


Here are the links to their content. Like, comment, and share! Let me know what you think! You heard it from me, I think they are going to take the music world by storm!







3 thoughts on “Music Crush Monday: Ar’mon and Trey

  1. I am a huge fan of their music. The two individuals I question only because of the amount of drama they seem to be drawn to. But. I agree wit you whole heartedly that these two are EXACTLY what R&B needs right now! They mesh so well together. They can also dance too. I’ve seen them do some choreography in some older videos on Instagram and I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth they were with it 👏🏾👏🏾

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      • Girrrrrl it’s a whole lotta whole lotta. There’s been some mess with Trey especially having so called slept with a girl and she’s claiming it never happened and then it became full on beef. They went on Instagram live trash talking the girl. Admin was talking about fighting her smh. Then they’ve started up beef with some old fans cause people claim the pranks they do are fake. Just a whole lotta foolishness.


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