Wine Crush Wednesday: Sweet Wine Edition!!!

Welcome back to this weeks edition of wine crush Wednesday! theThis week on my vlog on Facebook and Instagram, I had my mom on the show as a guest. My mother LOVES sweet wine. So I decided to make a special sweet wine edition just for her! In this entry, I will be giving you all a full description of what mommy and me thought about wines we chose to review Live on my vlog. Don’t forget to tune in Wednesday nights at 7pm on my pages on Facebook and Instagram for a LIVE wine tasting and review, along with a little entertainment and some ‘Topical Topics’!


The first wine we tasted was Cherry Wine by Tabor Hill. Now, if you’ve watched my show, you’ve already gathered that I am not the biggest fan of sweet wine, so for me, this wine was WAY too sweet and syrupy for me. I almost couldn’t finish my sample, that’s how much I disliked it. Mom LOVED it! One thing I will say is, the cherry taste was very authentic. It didn’t have an artificial taste to it at all and really did taste like actually cherries you would buy from the market. So if you’re a sweet wine drinker and you like cherries, it might be worth a try! I got this wine on sale for $8.99 at my local grocery store.


The Second wine we tasted was White Zinfandel Moscato by Beringer. When I was picking up this wine I was quite intrigued by it because I had never heard of a Zinfandel/Moscato wine mashup! And I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the taste! It was sweet but not syrupy tasting. It also was a tiny bit bubbly because of the Moscato, but it worked well with the White Zinfandel. Mom didn’t think it was sweet enough! I got this wine on sale for $4.99, regularly priced at $7.99. I think it’s a great buy if you want to give it a try!


The last wine we tasted was Sweet Red Blend by Barefoot. This is a popular brand where I live, so it’s been tried by many and it has a good reputation! I will say I was surprised it wasn’t as sweet as I thought it was going to be, but it was still a bit too sweet for my liking. Mom liked this one too, but the Cherry wine was her favorite. I will say the quality of the wine compared with the price makes this a worth while buy in my opinion. I got this wine on sale for $6.99.

Wine Crush Wednesday ‘Sweet Wine Edition’ was a hit with my audience because a lot of ladies love sweet wine! Hopefully you’ll get to check some of these out and let me know what YOU think! Hopefully you’ll also get to check out my live show Wednesday nights at 7pm! If not, See you next week!



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