Wine Crushd: Cupcake Wine

On last weeks episode of Wine Crush Wednesday we tasted wine from the brand ‘Cupcake Vineyards’. I had been seeing this brand in my local grocery store for a long time and just never had the courage to try it! I was VERY impressed! As you know since we are doing a live wine tasting on my show, we only try 3 different wine flavors and the flavors we tried were: Moscato, Chardonnay, and Decadent Red.


However, Cupcake brand does offer several different varieties such as: RosΓ©, Red Velvet, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, the list goes on and on! They actually carry 13 different varieties of wine! I cannot wait to try the rest of them! So lets get into our review!


The first flavor we tasted was the Moscato. I honestly feel that during my live wine tasting, Moscato will be a flavor that we’ll ALWAYS have, and it’s mainly because people LOVE Moscato! Cupcake did NOT disappoint! It was delicious and I do not usually prefer it, but this brand definitely had me going back for seconds. My guest is a regular Moscato drinker and for her this was her favorite wine choice of the night!


The Second wine we tasted was the Black Forest Decadent Red. This was more on the dry side and was my favorite taste of the night. It reminded me of a red blend and had a bold flavor, but didn’t have a bitter after taste, which to me makes all the difference in a dry wine! I would say it would pair well with a rare red meat and veggies. I recommend this for my dry wine drinkers!


The last wine we tasted was the Chardonnay and it was also good! I will say that my guest was normally a sweet wine drinker so for her this wasn’t her favorite, but she also mentioned that she enjoyed it and would drink it again. I felt that it was a pretty good Chardonnay but not the best one I’ve had in this price range.

I got all of these wines on sale at my local grocery store for $8.99 each. I truly enjoyed drinking this brand! If you’ve had it, comment! If you get to try it, let me know what you thought of it! Don’t forget to tune in Wednesday nights at 7pm central time for the Live show! You can catch it on my Facebook and Instagram! If not, see you next week!



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