Music Crush Monday: The Weeknd

Music Crush Monday is back with another music review and I’ve stumbled upon The Weeknd’s new album ‘My Dear Melancholy,’.


To start off I love the Weeknd as an artist. I’ve followed his music for years and am certain that I will continue as a fan for years to come. But, in being fair and giving a non-biased opinion, I have very mixed emotions about this album. First, it boasts only 6 tracks, which leaves me desiring which direction the musical flow was traveling. It’s certainly missing something for me. It doesn’t feel “well-rounded” enough, which would be in true Weeknd fashion. When Abel gives you music, he gives you art and you know when it comes, you’ll get a full dose and a 5 course meal, that will leave you full, satisfied and pondering over the artistic expression of your own life. I didn’t get exactly that, this time around.

The album stays true to it’s title being very melancholy in it’s purest form, which at first I was excited for! I was thinking, “ok, yes, I’m going to get an earful of the old Weeknd that used brilliantly crafted samples to croon out his woes and sadness with a druggy sexy drawl”. But, then the music came on, there was sadness and then it was gone. I was going on an emotional trip of his heartache and again it was gone. Sad music and the Weeknd are synonymous, and we love it, so of course I felt left hanging for the rest of the story so-to-speak. I guess what was missing, as I’m writing this, is MORE of it! I wanted MORE sadness and expertly arranged explanations of love and heartache!

The production was top of the line of course. There will never be disappointment in this department when you’ve got Skrillex and Gessafelstein (whom are two of my favorite producers by the way) on the track. My favorite songs so far are ‘Wasted Times’, ‘Try Me’ and ‘Call Out My Name’. I really do hope that this is the birth of a Weeknd who’s a mix between Trilogy days and Starboy. I can feel it! I am hopeful for a quick follow up to this EP’ish album so I can finish my Weeknd meal.

*Side Note: If you’ve never been to his website on desk top (laptop) it. is. trippy! I need one just like it!*

In the mean time, in between time, I give The Weeknd’s ‘My Dear Melancholy,’ an 8 out of 10!



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