Wine Crush Wednesday 9/19/18

Boooooo Summer is over!! I love sipping on a cool cocktail in the sun, especially SANGRIA! However, it is not easy to find a good pre-made Sangria in the bottle. I usually make my own sangria from scratch and I’ll do a post about that one day lol. But guess what guys?! I found a really good, STRONG, and most importantly CHEAP Sangria that will knock your socks off and have you HOOKED!


Yes, Sutter Home wines have come through with the win with this ready to drink Sangria! Omg you guys I cannot rave about this stuff enough. It’s sweet, but strong and flavorful and is really good with ice and fruit! My sister gave me some of this stuff months ago and I was immediately hooked!


This wine is perfect for sweet wine lovers and dry wine lovers alike. Being that I’m a dry wine lover I’m VERY picky about Sangria, which is why I usually make it myself. But I love Sutter Home’s version! If you aren’t a heavy drinker, be careful with this one!Β  It is STRONG, especially for a Sangria. It has 12% abv and you’ll feel every bit of it. I got this large 1.5L bottle for a whopping $10 at Kroger!!! Whaaaat! I also never get a headache or hangover feeling after drinking this, I love this stuff! With that said I highly recommend it! Let me know what you think!



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