Music Crushd 10/2/18: Lil Wayne

I am proud to introduce a new author to Aviana World, Brandon J. He is brilliant in executing a thought and conveying it to his audience. I am beyond thrilled to have him and his talented writing skills! Without further ado, here is his first Wine Crushd article.                -Aviana


Finally! Seven years after the release of Tha Carter IV , Lil Wayne has dropped Tha Carter V. Through all that has happened over the years since the last installment, Weezy fans finally got the chance to hear the long-awaited project. The album opens with Lil Wayne’s mother “Cita” emotionally speaking to her son. Wayne openly mentions and praises his mother throughout all of his projects. But throughout Tha Carter V her presence is felt more than ever and Wayne in a way is expressing that this album is an ode to her.

wayne and mom

There’s nothing like hearing that signature lighter flick on a Lil Wayne song. When I heard it on the first true track “Don’t Cry” featuring the late XXXTENTACION, suddenly I felt like that young kid again enjoying Wayne’s rap game domination so many years ago. This opening song is a straight reply to his mother’s tears on the intro. This album shows a much more emotional Lil Wayne as he touches on everything that has affected him throughout his life without mentioning the events with Birdman that helped cause the delay of the album.

Throughout the project, Wayne proves why he is the best rapper alive and a prominent staple in rap history. With tracks like “Dedicate”, “Uproar”, and “Used 2”, Lil Wayne brings out his classic confidence, wordplay, and flow.

Within this album, though, Weezy is more self-reflective and open than he’s been in a long time. With tracks like “Open Letter”, Wayne relives some past troubles, expresses some of his struggles, and questions his life. He also opens up about his lady problems and other issues with “Perfect Strangers”, and “What About Me”.

wayne and daughterwayne and kendrick


His features mostly hit, with Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg and even his daughter Reginae Carter putting in some work on the album. Some of the features miss, however, like Sosamann. But the track of the album for most listeners is “Mona Lisa” featuring Kendrick Lamar where the two use their elite rap skills to tell a story about a woman setting up her man. The creativity of the pair on this song is reasoning to explain why they are considered as two rap goats.

Wayne gives us every version of himself throughout C5. With “Can’t Be Broken”, he’s the cocky word wizard we all know and love. With “Dark Side of the Moon”, he’s the desperate Martian in search of love. In “Start This S**t Off Right”, he takes it way back and reconnects with Mannie Fresh with the help of Ashanti and Mack Maine. With “Mess”, his guard is down and seems vulnerable. With “Dope N****z” he uses a prominent feature to elevate his work. With “Dope New Gospel”, he takes a slight turn and twists a sound and makes it his own with the help of his ex Nivea.

Lil Wayne

One track that is really sticking to me is the outro “Let It All Work Out” where Wayne revisits his past on a smooth beat attached to a Sampha sample. On this track, Wayne really brings together what he thinks his purpose on this world is and expressed how grateful he is. He is fulfilling the role that God have him, regardless of all the things he has been through.

Overall, Tha Carter V is a quality project that was long overdue. The hype built up by the seven year wait, legal case with Birdman, and the fact that it was the latest installment of one of the best album series of all time has some listeners doubting the quality. But Wayne delivers in the way that he usually always does with this album. His verses are filled with punchlines and metaphors that stick with hooks that are bound to produce hits. He also lends his voice to croon out some songs that bridge that gap between Hip-Hop and R&B, which is something that has become a staple in music and something he helped start. Most true Weezy fans are enjoying the mastery displayed throughout the 23 track album. Obviously, there are a few tracks on the album that would not have made the cut a few years ago. But with streams leading the way these days, the more songs an album has, the more money it will produce. Regardless, Weezy is still the same Wayne throughout Tha Carter V and proves why he is THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE!




2 thoughts on “Music Crushd 10/2/18: Lil Wayne

  1. I won’t even front…. I’m not the biggest Lil Wayne fan. Sure, I like a handful of his songs. But I’ve never listened to an entire album of his. However, this was very well written and has moved me to check out the album.

    P.S. I love the new layout of your blog! 😘


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