Alina Baraz Concert at ‘Metro’ Chicago!


This weeks Music Crushd review is a little different because this week, I’m sharing my experience at Alina Baraz’s concert I attended in Chicago! Man was it such a good time!




So, first the venue ‘Metro Chicago’ was pretty dang cool! It was small and perfect for intimate concert experiences with standing room only. So, of course ladies, I recommend that you wear comfortable shoes to performances at this venue. This is to be expected for a musical artist of Alina’s caliber and especially the genre of music she represents. The line was a bit long to get in, but the weather in Chicago this day was pretty fair, so it wasn’t unbearable. The staff was efficient in getting alcohol wristbands on concert goers whilst we were waiting in line. Hello! That was smart! There was a decent bar area that wasn’t too crowded and the drinks were stiff! Always a win.


The opening act was an artist by the name of JMSN. I knew he was going to be performing, so I took some time to listen to his music prior to attending the concert. I will say, he is a great recording artist and an even more phenomenal live performer! I was extremely impressed by how smooth and melodic he sounded live as well as his impeccable guitar skills! I would highly recommend seeing his live performances. He performed about 5 songs and on came Alina!!


Of course there is no wrong she can do in my eyes, but I thoroughly enjoyed her performance and I even made my way to the front of the stage to get some great pics and a full on experience of her essence! She is beyond sweet and her personality showed that. She performed songs from the ‘Urban Flora’ album as well as her new album ‘The Color of You’. This. Gave. Me. Life! Every fan in the room was hoping she would perform some of our favorites from ‘Urban Flora’. If you haven’t heard any of her music, please do. I left some links to her albums so you can head over to YouTube to check her out! She was beautiful, her music is beautiful and I will be seeing her again soon! I even got some concert merchandise because these memories are everything!

Until the next Music Crushd article, I will see you guys later! As usual please, like, comment and subscribe to my blog!



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