Tuesday Pillow Talk: Talk to Avi Tuesdays

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Have you ever been so sad or distraught that you desperately wish you had someone objective and non-judgmental to talk to? Many have, including myself. I truly believe that the best form of therapy is psychotherapy or “talk therapy”. Talking to someone that will allow you to express your emotions and relieve your burdens, even for just a moment, can provide release and clarity.


But everyone simply cannot afford a fancy psychotherapist, and quite frankly our family members and friends can be the very people exacerbating our mental stress! So, I want to help someone, anyone struggling with something. Sometimes you just want to let it out, but facebook and twitter can be the worst places to display your true feelings and struggles, primarily because social media is “the judgment zone”! Social media is a place where people feel extremely comfortable with outwardly judging another persons life without even truly knowing the person or their circumstance! But, why do we want to do it so bad? Share with the world our thoughts, feelings and intentions?


I believe it’s because social media was also designed for people to have a place where we can express our personalities and share with the world a message that says “hey this is ME, let me see YOU?”. But unfortunately it has been exploited by the powers that be and…..well people who are also struggling in their personal lives!


You see, as humans, we have an energy flow. And with that energy we affect the things and people around us. When we are happy, sad, hopeful, depressed, encouraged; we affect things around us with those emotions. The higher (excitement and happiness) the emotion, the better you effect things. The lower (depression, sadness) the emotion, the harsher you effect things. The struggle to maintain a high frequency of positivity and love is REAL! It almost feels as though everything around us is purposely designed to keep us unhappy and in-turn, usually unintentionally, we make others around us unhappy. Did you see that, the vicious cycle that is negativity?


Someone in the vicinity has to be the one to break the cycle and start a wave of love and positivity! I’m trying my best to start and keep the wave going so strong, that it creates a tsunami of love and healing! Maybe I can be that positive section of your social media and hopefully now that I have your attention, I can be a portion of your healing and fill you with a loving energy and in-turn you can affect someone else with that same emotion.

TALK TO ME! I’m designating Tuesdays for a day of psychotherapy (for free of course lol) and healing and love! I will be doing this RIGHT HERE in Aviana World and on my Facebook and Instagram every Tuesday from 9am until Midnight.

  1. You can message me privately or publicly on my posts about Tuesday Pillow Talk and I will message you back and give as much love and encouragement as possible!
  2. Tell me what’s ailing you! ALL MESSAGES ARE KEPT CONFIDENT!
  3. You can also share a testimony of positivity! Have you overcome an obstacle and want to encourage someone with your story? PLEASE SHARE it on Tuesday Pillow Talk!

ALL MESSAGES ARE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL unless you WANT to share with others!

I’m here for you. Come in and feel the love….


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8 thoughts on “Tuesday Pillow Talk: Talk to Avi Tuesdays

  1. I am happy to have read this and to cross paths with you. You make me smile with your goodness. I am a really positive person in general, and look for the good in the world. Thank you for being the example of it to me today. Keep up the great vibes! xoxo

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