Wine Crushd 10/10/18: Vie Vité



In this weeks addition of Wine Crushed I’m giving a review on a delicious French Rosé wine Vie Vité!

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My husband brought home this wine and I was instantly intrigued by the look of it and of course I love Rosé’s. At first taste it fell a little flat in flavor for me, but being that this is a European wine, it will have no fillers or added sugars or artificial flavoring.  Which of course is a great thing considering there will be no wine headache due to it’s natural preparation. So, knowing that I had to give it a few tastes to get a feel for the true flavor profile of this wine. I’ve read that if a wine perplexes you and causes you to have to “taste” it more than a few times, it’s probably a quality wine. I will say that I was perplexed yet intrigued. Immediately as it hits your tongue you’ll appreciate it’s crispness! It was like a glass of ice water on a hot day, that’s how refreshing it is! It comes off as a Summer wine but honestly it reminds me of crisp apples and flowers, so I think it’s perfect for the Fall and Spring as well! I will be honest I did not appreciate this wine at first taste, but it grew on me and now I want more!

Because I was so impressed with this complex wine, I did a little research on the company that produced it. Vie Vité was produced in Côtes de Provence, France making it an authentic French Rosé. This gives it a bit of prestige but with a fair price. I believe my husband got this wine for about $25; very average for this caliber of wine. After viewing the website and tasting, I gathered a healthy sense of pride and care having gone into the making of their wines. Vie Vité is only producing 2 wines at this time which are both Rosé’s in addition to a special edition bottle designed by famous fashion designer Zac Posen. This, to me, suggests that the quality of this wine is top of the line, being that there is only focus on 2 wine flavors. Impressive and at a cheap price! Food pairings for this Rosé is of course going to be seafood and pasta dishes with light and/or spicy sauces. I will definitely buy this wine again and would even like to have it for a dinner party, primarily for it’s refreshing taste!


I will give Vie Vité Rosé a 7 out of 10! As always please like, comment and subscribe to my blog and I’ll see you next week with another wine review!



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