Music Crushd 10/15/18: Quavo Huncho


When word first surfaced that Quavo was working on a solo album back in 2016, it was something that nobody truly asked for but everyone could have predicted. Throughout the history of music, most bands and groups have members that eventually take the solo route at some point. From The Beatles and the Jacksons, to NWA and *NSYNC, the list goes on.


Many view Quavo as the most valuable of the Migos, the Atlanta-based rap group that also includes Takeoff and Offset. During their early years on the come up, Quavo carried the group while doing most of the hooks and choruses of their songs while Offset was in and out of trouble and Takeoff continued to hone his skills. Since then, superstardom has struck the group and each member has improved as artists in their own right. In my opinion, Offset is the most talented of the three as far as overall ability as a rapper. Takeoff is the best lyricist of the group with his different flows, worldplay and style. But Quavo is the one everybody wants to hear and most likely to be on a hit song. There was no surprise that he would be the first out of the group to release his own project.


His solo project QUAVO HUNCHO is his first major release without his group, even though both Offset and Takeoff are featured on some of the tracks. Throughout the album, Quavo seems comfortable and his rhymes and hooks seem effortless. Sometimes almost too effortless. More could have been put into making some of the 19 songs better. The best non-featured songs on the project include “Workin Me”, “Lamb Talk”, and “Bubble Gum”, which were all released as the prime singles from the album. The rest of the solo songs are good listens if not anything else…


Wellllll, actually one stands out. The track “Huncho Dreams” on the project is where Quavo is taking playful(?) shots at Nicki Minaj in the same style Nicki did on her song “Barbie Dreams” from her latest album Queen, in which she mentions him. Her version is a spin off of the track “Just Playing (Dreams)” by Biggie. In the song, Quavo name drops Nicki and hints at having sex with her, amongst other things. He even offers an apology on the song, probably stemming from when Nicki felt betrayed by Quavo when he didn’t have her back as people tried to pin her against Cardi B after the release of their joint song, Motorsport. Just as Nicki’s track had the media buzzing, I’m sure that was Quavo’s mission with the song.


The highlights of QUAVO HUNCHO are the features. From 21 Savage, his alleged boo Saweetie, Lil Baby, and more, he was sure to pack the album with some prominent guests. He tries his hand at an Afrobeat type sound with Normani and Davido on “Swing” and a darker side that fits perfectly with the Kid Cudi feature on “Lost.” He also teams up with Drake on “Flip The Switch” and Travis Scott on “Rerun.” He works well with these two artists and they delivered some tracks that are sure to get played constantly.


But my favorite featured track on the album is “Champagne Rosé” featuring Cardi B and Madonna. The Murda Beatz produced track works well with Madonna’s voice, which in turn helps her take over the track that sounds like a Bollywood-Trap mash that actually kind of works.


Throughout the album, Quavo expresses and displays who Huncho was, is, and will be. With glimpses of his trap past, his (and the Migos) rise to superstardom, and future success, Huncho tells his story in a style that only he could pull off. In all, the album works. It was not necessary to have, but it is worth a listen. Now with rumors of Offset’s and Takeoff’s solo projects on the way, it’s only a matter of time before the albums are pit against each other to finally decide who is the best of the group. With this album, Quavo set the bar.



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