Music Crushd 10/16/18: Ella Mai Review

Ahhh yes the beautiful and talented UK artist that took the world by storm and got EVERYONE “Boo’d up” for summer 2018! I’ve got to admit I have been waiting on this album after I had heard a few of her singles including “Naked” and “Trip”. Surprisingly this album came a lot faster than I thought it would, and that may not have been the best decision.


Ella is beyond talented with a voice that is smooth and melodic and a look that’s so naturally beautiful that it makes others feel more comfortable in their own skin. Her sound will resonate in your soul, which is an element of R&B that has been missing for some time. So, when the world got a taste of her sound, we were instantly hooked! Ella got her start, the same as many artist do in the technological age, on the internet doing covers and some original music on Youtube and Sound Cloud; all while building a large social following with popular songs like “She Don’t” ft. Ty Dolla Sign, which surprisingly was just two short years ago!

Ms. Mai has quickly shot to stardom and has been able to record a major first ‘self titled’ album. Because of her unique british/soulful sound she garnered the attention of big names for a couple of features such as Chris Brown (Whatchamacallit) and John Legend (Everything). Early fans, myself being one of them, are quite proud of her success, however for my honest review, I really wish she would have taken just a little more time to put out her first album.


It just feels rushed! Her voice is amazing and no one can take away from her raw talent, however with the repetitive sound and production, there was a missed opportunity to showcase her full range of sound which we get glimpses of in “Dangerous” and “Close”. But I was left missing a bit more creativity with her voice. I felt she sang in the same key and tone for almost every song with very little variation. And to me this is a sign of a rushed album, giving very little time for artistic expression.


But I honestly believe that this album can hold it’s own and carry Ella Mai through any criticism she may receive. Her talent is fresh and needed in music right now, so I look forward to her touring and seeing her live, as well as her sophomore album which she should have plenty of time to prepare whilst touring and sharing her beautiful raw uncut musical sound. We’re rooting for you girl!


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