Wine Crushd 10/31/18: Paranoia Red Wine Blend

So I’m not a big fan of Halloween, BUT I know a lot of you out there are, so I did a review on a cooky wine perfect for you Halloween’rs! Paranoia wine totally reminded me of Fall and scary movies!


This wine is a red blend and has very little residual sugar. It seems lately I’ve been enjoying the red blends and I do not know why! But I promise to change up my wine varieties ASAP! Paranoia was actually pretty decent you guys! To me it was smooth and not too harsh and needed no aeration at all. My husband didn’t care for it (but he drank it though…mmhmm).


The flavor doesn’t do anything for the description of the title lol. It doesn’t make you feel paranoid or anything, but I did think it was clever! The website doesn’t lend any explantation or origin of the title either, but there is a really cool video about how they make each of their wines! It was so interesting that it made me decide to try their other flavors! The site also gives you food pairings and a flavor profile for each wine, although I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t taste any of those flavors.

20181017_200504 (1)

Overall I would give Paranoia Red Blend a 6 out of 10. My reasons are because the flavor wasn’t complex in any way and tasted quite one dimensional, but it still tasted good. The price was also pretty good at $12.99 at Kroger. So give it a try and let me know what you think! Also grab this awesome bamboo cheese board and cutlery set from Amazon for only $39.99!
I will see you next week for a VERY special edition of Wine Crushd since it will be a full in depth look into my experience at the Suwanee Wine Fest here in Georgia! My review will include photos AND video and maybe even a giveaway! Stay tuned!



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