Music Crushd 11/2/18: Joe With The Flow

Aaalll right I’m back from vacation and I’ve been trying to get this artist review out as fast as I could because this local artist is pure talent and I’m proud to have gotten to know him! Joe With The Flow is more than worth a listen and your time!


This section of Music Crushd is all about ‘Support Your Local Talent’! I love supporting up-and-coming talented artists! So, a little about this guy; he’s a local rapper and lyricist from Atlanta, Georgia with a smooth flow that reminds of an effortless sound from the late 90’s early 2000’s. Mumble rap is far from from Joe’s repertoire. He appropriately uses the slogan “Your friendly neighborhood spiritual musician”. In my opinion this is beyond accurate considering he effortlessly gets off verses and hooks without using a single expletive!! How Sway?! It seems near impossible for rappers to get their thoughts across without a few ‘f bombs’. But Joe CLEARLY has flow!

What I love most is that his message is not so much religious as it is spiritual and conscious! His message reminds me of rappers like Lecrae, however his flow reminds me of Chicago rapper Twista! Yea I know that’s hard to do, but Joe HAS FLOW HELLO!!


So where’s the music Avi? Well I’m glad you asked! Joe has a new album out now called ‘Second Coming’Β  click the hyperlink to get right to it on YouTube! But there’s access on all platforms which I will place links below for you! One of my favorite songs from the album is ‘Elevate’ which makes you contemplate on what you’re actually doing with your mental powers and capacity while at the same time telling his listener that he’s worth listening to. Spiritually conscious folks will have a field day with the lyrical genius that it is. The track ‘Channelling’ is pure beauty and hits me in the feels with the soulful production and old school cadence highlighting Joe’s true talent for flow. One thing I really would love to see is Joe work with some equally talented producers to make some music magic! I will continue to be a fan and I hope Joe continues to bless us with his raw talent and FLOW! Check him out Oh and don’t forget to support your local talent!


YouTube: Joe With The Flow

Instagram: @theyknowjoe



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