Music Crushd 11/5/18: Jessie Reyez

My first glimpse into the soulful world of Reyez was on the 2018 VMAs. She had a new artist showcase segment in which she sang a song from her new album entitled ‘Apple Juice’. I felt like I was listening to the reincarnation of Amy Winehouse. Her unique raspy voice and soulful jazz style sound was refreshing although it felt memorable. Her performance left me wanting for more. It was so intense and animated, she felt authentic and tormented. She performed like a tormented poet and it was truly a dangerously addicting emotional ride to watch her perform. Her new album ‘being human in public’ takes you down the same path of excitement.
Personally I’ve been waiting for an artist with this sort of tormented authenticity since Amy. Someone who really has something dark and twisted but addicting and relatable. Her music reminds me of a Columbian SZA mixed with the soulful voice quality of Winehouse. I can’t say enough about how unique yet intoxicating her style and delivery is.
Her music very much matches her personality; unapologetic, speaks her mind, and has definitely experienced heartbreak in the past. She sings about her love encounters with real people with broken homes and insecurities. She simply wants to love and be loved even though she inevitably gets hurt in the process; but don’t we all? I think this is the message that is so relatable and connects with her audience. She also talks a lot about feeling like an outsider and being “imported”. She counteracts this negativity with a violent optimism as she contradicts conformity and allows realness and self confidence to be the remedy to the system’s attempt to box her in. So simplistically complex and yet still opens up about her faults and desires the entire album. She admits “you can OD if you get to much of her”. In a recent interview she describes her music as “violent soul music,โ€ she says. โ€œItโ€™s romantic, itโ€™s bloody, itโ€™s heaven, itโ€™s hell.โ€
I love it all.
This album has a funky, hip-hop, Latin and reggae inspired vibe. It can’t hurt that she can also sing her a$$ off. Reyez was recently asked if she wrote her own lyrics, she responded, ” does a bear s*** in the woods.” She’s so talented but not at all delicate and neither is the album. So “F*** being friends“, I fell in LOVE with this EP. I gave it 9 out of 10!

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