Relationship Goals: Taking Your Relationship for a Drive…

Relationships are a lot like driving a vehicle. And a car can be a lot like a woman, no wonder men are obsessed with their rides. “You with all those curves and me without no brakes, I’m willing to work it out no matter what it takes”. – Drake.

Recently a man ridiculously put his girlfriend on Craigslist, describing her as an older model, with high miles, and squeaky noises. It may be comical, but objectifying women in 2018 is not a good look and it definitely won’t help your relationship goals. That is unless the objectivity can go both ways, and since we’ve opened the door let’s ride this pun until the wheels fall off…


For those not familiar with automotive terminology the rest of this article likens the man in a relationship to the driver and the woman as the automobile. Men want a reliable vehicle, but also one that turns heads, can handle corners with ease, and get ahead of traffic when it needs too. You want a car without a lot of mileage and known issues that can be quite expensive to fix. Some vehicles require premium maintenance, therefore vehicles can often perform much better than average if maintenance is done on schedule, if not, the repairs for neglect can be costly.
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Now, since men so often find themselves in the “driver” seat let’s talk about the responsibilities or lack thereof. The right driver is essential to a successful partnership; a professional driver with fast reflexes, who knows how to ride with confidence, class and style as well as experience also earns points. A driver must learn his vehicle, know exactly what corners he is able to handle without loosing control. A smart driver learns to drive a safe distance from other vehicles, and avoid roads which can cause damage to the car. An inexperienced driver has no business in a luxury Sports car. Neither does a man with a woman who is obviously out of his League. It takes time and patience but also passion to learn to drive the most elite vehicles. It’s not the type of vehicle that wants to be left in the garage it’s meant to be driven but with careful handling, experience and precision, take your time and allow the car to be an extension of yourself, a partnership of respect and admiration. A great woman can certainly get you places faster in life with style and grace, and you just may enjoy the ride along the way, but she needs a man with passion and style of his own, a driver with experience and also the capability to handle the appropriate maintenance required to suit such performance.
Does the Craigslist boyfriend mentioned earlier have any credibility? Well, men must be careful when choosing Vehicles. First they have to be able to afford them. For your relationship goals to be attainable this is not just a financial endeavor. Men have to be emotionally responsible and have the time and energy to spend. Some men want to own lots of cars and have a daily driver for convenience. Ladies if this is not the driver you’re looking for make sure your dealerships finance manager declines his credit application! For the men that do have approved status beware, consumer reports state that some vehicles have bright shiny paint, bells, and whistles but lack reliability and overall performance. Some vehicles are not as advertised. Some Vehicles we know are impractical but we love to drive anyway.
Sometimes a driver just gets in way over his head. Perhaps we made the right choice at the time but find ourselves in a finacial or emotional hardship. Or perhaps an accident occurs. This is when the reliability of a vehicle is tested. Hopefully with time repairs will be made, and it will be even better than brand new. But if continued negligence is demonstrated this could mean the driver does not have the means to support the maintenance of the vehicle neither the skill to drive at the speeds and acceleration the vehicle is capable of. Inevitably this results in a crash, or perhaps a repossession. Some relationships can be this way, either the man or woman is deceptively advertised. This sort of relationship is headed for disaster, when both parties are incompatible.

The moral of the story is if you are a Chevy don’t advertise to be a Lamborghini. And if you just got your license don’t pretend to be a NASCAR driver. Discover your experience and performance level and find a Car and Driver that fits your speed. Don’t worry, you can always grow together. Relationship goals can change but I’d much rather have a classic car and a driver that cherished every imperfection then a hot rod with a careless driver destined for a crash or repossession.

Drive carefully,


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5 thoughts on “Relationship Goals: Taking Your Relationship for a Drive…

  1. Very Relatable article. I concur with the views that if the man & woman are both HONEST with their Skillset and Attributes then they can find that Beyond Satisfactory โ€œPICTURE ME ROLLINโ€ Lifestyle

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