Music Crushd 11/12/18: Takeoff


The second solo album from the Migos comes from Takeoff. Titled “The Last Rocket,” this project comes just weeks after Migos member Quavo dropped his solo album. As of late, Takeoff has been thought of by many as the least appealing of the three (including Offset), due to the other members’ growing appeal from the success of “Bad and Boujee”, countless features, and other aspects. Despite this, Takeoff stays true to himself as the low key grinder that continues to perfect his craft.


Unlike Quavo’s album, this one has only a couple features as Takeoff does most of the work himself. On “She Gon Wink,” there’s a Quavo feature where he delivers the hook and a verse that elevates the warped and appealing beat. The other feature is on “Infatuation” with Dayytona Fox (?), an unknown artist up until this point. He sings over the track about mostly love and passion. The song reminds me of something I would hear in Forever 21 and is vacant of Takeoff until close to the end. He uses his sharp flow to express himself to his lover in his style that fits perfectly with the song. This song was definitely unexpected but shows Takeoff’s ability to successfully tap into other genres like his fellow group members.


On “I Remember,” he is reminiscing on times before the fame and fortune while still comparing it to his current state. His last bar on the song sums it up perfectly. “Remember when we ran from 12, ain’t ran a mile since.” That old life is behind him and the one he lives now does not involve his past actions. So far, the song “Lead the Wave” is sticking to me. The chorus is simple and catchy but works for the beat and purpose of the song. But his lines about running into the teacher that told him he wouldn’t make it is what caught me. Usually, rappers take this time out to clown the teacher but Takeoff takes a different route.


Takeoff shows that he can do it on his own, which is probably why he doesn’t have many features. His wordplay and double tapping flows work well. His bars on cars, girls, money and more fit the current rap state that he helped set. He’s comfortable with being himself and is confident in his abilities as a rapper. Tracks like “Last Memory” and “Insomnia” shows that Takeoff can deliver some solid bangers while staying true to who he is.


This album is much shorter than Quavo’s, which actually adds to the overall quality of it. A final verdict for best solo project can’t be decided until Offset’s project drops, but for now Quavo might be slightly ahead based off the strength of his features. With The Last Rocket, Takeoff has definitely made his case as the best Migo, though. He expresses himself as he welcomes everybody to his world. Maybe the solo album route for the group wasn’t necessary but it definitely was imminent. However, each of them have stated that if one eats, they all eat and that they know they work best as a unit. With this project, it is clear that the youngest member of the Migos clearly plays an important role in the “Culture Wave” they have created.



Purchase the album here:

The Last Rocket [Explicit]


4 thoughts on “Music Crushd 11/12/18: Takeoff

  1. Takeoff is the best member of the group. His flow is the Migo flow and he’s been rapping longer than them all. Quavo just got the swag. Offset couldn’t even rap when they were younger. Lol. Good post.


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