Wine Crushd: 19 Crimes

19 Crimes Wine


I’ve seen this wine so many times in so many different stores and was completely skeptical, mainly because the bottle had such a gimmicky look. But boy was I in for a pleasant surprise!!

I will just dive right in and say that 19 Crimes will be in my top 5 wine choices for 2018! The texture was so buttery and smooth, yet bold, flavorful and boozy! My husband and I both fell in love with it! 19 Crimes has 6 different wine choices, I’ve had 2, the ‘Red Blend’ and ‘The Banished’ which is a dark Red. But My favorite by far is ‘The Banished”


The Banished was so smooth, it almost slides down your throat, with a fruity, but non-acidic taste on the tongue. One thing I’ve noticed about dark wines is that that they can carry a bit of harshness due to the tannins, requiring aeration, but 19 crimes executes balance perfectly well! No need for aeration and it as such a healthy melody of a flavor profile. I won’t even describe it because I INSIST that you try it for yourself. I you’re strictly a sweet wine drinker, you can try this with a frozen can of welch’s grape juice, cut up some fruit and make a Sangria. Or, you can pour the bottle into a crockpot with a few cinnamon sticks, add welch’s grape juice heat it for about an hour and viola, you’ve got “holiday in a cup”!


The cool thing about these wines is that there is a true historical backstory about each criminal on the bottles! Check it out here at their websiteΒΒ I purchased these bottles at my local Kroger for about $10 each, which is very cheap. Try it and let me know what you think!



Get this cool vintage wine glass to go along with your 19 Crimes!

Vintage Gift Ideas for Mom, Dad, Husband or Wife – 15 oz Glasses for Red or White Wine


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