Thanksgiving Thoughts: Being Grateful

Ever since I was a little kid I can remember Thanksgiving being a time about 3 things: family, food, and being (Dj Khaled voice) Grateful. The spirit of gratefulness has an unbelievable and unique power outside of pilgrims, lies about who founded America and, deep fried turkeys. Like most things in society the real meaning is lost and only celebrated for commercialism. This is such an important and overlooked principle we need to take some time to understand, because being grateful can and will change your life.
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Take a minute to think about what your personal definition of gratefulness truly is? We teach our children to say please and thank you. We try hard to show appreciation for the good deeds we are recipients of. We even may take the time to think of others that are less fortunate and perhaps give of our money and time to charity or nonprofits. These virtuous acts although philanthropic have little to do with true gratefulness….allow me to illustrate. I remember a story in the Bible that my mom would tell me, you may be familiar with: it’s about the widow who gave her last 2 coins to the temple and it was of far more value in God’s eyes than those who gave out of their surplus much more than she did.

“Gratefulness is not about how much we give from our pockets but more about how much we give from our hearts. True gratitude is expressed thru a self sacrificing spirit that is so humbled by every undeserving breath we take.” -CB

We are compelled to give to others regardless of status, rank, or possessions. But the question is why in the world would we want to be grateful!!?! It sounds like a noble thing to do but wow what an enormous task with not much reward in return. Well that exact line of thinking would denote how far away from this amazing life secret we are. We still are consumed with what we get in return for goodness and this is not true gratefulness.
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There is a life equation unknown to most that I found to be as true as gravity and other laws of physics. INTENTION + EMOTION = CREATION

I go deeper into this topic on my other blog, which you can visit here, but simply put, if you have a power desire or will coupled with an elevated emotion (joy, love, Gratitude) you can create whatever intention you can imagine in your life. Gratitude is one of the most pure and altruistic emotions that exists next to love. When you are grateful, you stand out of your own way and allow the world to work through you to create an endless abundance! No wonder why since the tradition began Thanksgiving tables have been depicted full of never-ending opportunities of delight. You can’t go hungry when you’re willing to be grateful and humble. Showing gratitude is a sure way see that your plate is never empty.

Don’t waste your time trying to fake it. Don’t give just so others can see it. Avoid making self-righteous displays of how you’ve assisted others or helped them in the past. This year learn the true meaning of being grateful and share the blessing of that knowledge with someone else. Pilgrims, turkeys, and candy corn, have nothing to do with gratitude. If you’re going to celebrate Thanksgiving extract a truthful principle from it that could change your life and the lives of those around you. Be grateful my friends! Until next time family…

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