Lists, My Life Saving Tool

That’s right I said LISTS! The day I began to run my life with lists is when I finally started to get some peace of mind in the chaos that is Aviana’s brain! utilizing lists for everything from “things to do” to “grocery” to “blogposts”, having a list for everything gives me the organization needed to properly manage my life and maintain sanity!

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Let me tell you how my typical day would go when I never used lists. Just as a preface, I’m a housewife, so I would wake up, check my social media, and then fart around with my baby for a few hours, trying to nail down in my mind what I said I would do the day before. By noon I would have nailed down a few things that I knew I should probably be doing, such as chores. But, by this time of day, my busy toddler (even at a younger age of 1 year old) would have worn me out and now I want to relax for a bit. The next thing I know, it’s time to make dinner and I would have accomplished absolutely nothing! Yikes, so yeah I had to figure something out!

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So I started doing lists for everything, even making priority lists of my life goals and responsibilities, and on actual paper, not an electronic device!

  • Grocery lists
  • Things to do
  • Daily, weekly, monthly goals
  • Things needed
  • People I need to call
  • People I need to pray for
  • Blog posts to write
  • List of things to discuss with the family
  • Chores
  • Bills that need to be paid

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Yes, even this list can go on for ever and ever. But try it! It has literally changed my life. WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN and see your goals start to slowly become reality. Start it off with a LIST! Below are some products that I’ve actually purchased from Amazon and used to help with my keeping my lists organized!

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