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Tuesday Pillow Talk: Talk to Avi Tuesdays

Have you ever been so sad or distraught that you desperately wish you had someone objective and non-judgmental to talk to? Many have, including myself. I truly believe that the best form of therapy is psychotherapy or “talk therapy”. Talking to someone that will allow you to express your emotions and relieve your burdens, even for just a moment, can provide release and clarity.

Is he a good man?

What if the man is not living up to his “role”? What if he isn’t providing in an adequate way in turn causing the woman (wife) to assist in his headship? I’ve found that many women are wrestling with themselves regarding this. What do you do and how do you deal?

A Balanced Disciplined Child

I was born in the 80’s. So it’s safe to say the ‘rod’ disciplined me. Times have changed. Exponentially! Discipline has been taken over by the children and the government. Is medicating our children ok? Is spanking ever ok?


I’m writing this blog post to share two things. 1. To give you guys a few words of encouragement. 2. To let you know about the new and exciting things coming to Aviana World Blog/Vlog!

Fitness and The Bae

I want to tell you guys about the awesome benefits of working out with your bae! It’s beyond rewarding. It comes naturally because you’re getting PHYSICAL with your partner!