Relationship Goals: Taking Your Relationship for a Drive…

Relationships are a lot like driving a vehicle. And a car can be a lot like a woman, no wonder men are obsessed with their rides. "You with all those curves and me without no brakes, I'm willing to work it out no matter what it takes". - Drake.


Is he a good man?

What if the man is not living up to his β€œrole”? What if he isn’t providing in an adequate way in turn causing the woman (wife) to assist in his headship? I’ve found that many women are wrestling with themselves regarding this. What do you do and how do you deal?

How are you Really doing?

I really want to know how you’re doing mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically… YOU even know? It’s so difficult to look in that mirror and be honest with ourselves about who and how we really are. Are we really good? Have we even taken the precious time to address this question with ourselves? Do we even put our own well being at a level of importance?

Cuz I’m a Laaady

Feminism. How has it affected our relationships with men? It's 2018 and this subject can escalate quickly! But nonetheless I naturally have an opinion on it. Now listen as a woman I'm already going to be naturally bias toward the female species. But ladies ladies ladies what are we doing here?